i have felt fitfully for many an ungloried past
charged ever onward
despite mirrored laconic skepticism
i have leapt amongst conscious trust and eager eye
an adept of the desire
i never expected to be flayed from within
the liar forced under the boot
of soul memories so long unforgiven

forged in blood
i labored in the fevered throes of a burning heart
to bring such a reaping as was never known
pallid lives that fled before the sweeping
of my hand.

layered in twelves
i stacked kindling corpses up to the neck of the woods
to raise such a fire that God must surely blink
the calm, kind face of life felt the ire
by my hand.

burnished exhibition of Atrocity layed bare
time, layered in twelves, mercifully excised my vision.

i honor the faceless
i bring them beauty without skin
i am the Chairmaker
i find forgiveness
dwelling only within